Six Reasons Why HV Interior Design Should Dress Your Windows!

At HV Interior Design, it’s all about personal expression! We’ll help you create a look that is perfect for you and your home, with beautifully crafted window treatments that frame the view and finish the room. 1. Everything is custom made to fit perfectly Nothing comes out of a box. It’s tailor-made for you by custom workrooms located in the … Read More

A Splash of Green

Greenery is the perfect Pantone color of the year now that we are finally feeling the full effects of Spring and have Summer right around the corner! We have hand picked some of our favorite bedding, fabrics, and wallpaper all inspired by the new color of the year. Greenery is described as “a refreshing and revitalizing shade, symbolic of new … Read More

Spring Updating Tips

In the middle of all your cleaning, how about doing some updating? We have our top 3 favorite ways to renew and redo your home this Spring! 1. Paint & Wallpaper There’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint on the walls! It’s the cheapest and easiest way to transform a space. By picking neutral colors you will create … Read More