5 Designer Tricks To Make Your House Feel Cozy

Lighting is Key!

Creating an ambiance with lighting is most important when designing your home to have more of that cozy feel. Bad lighting could ruin even the most beautifully decorated houses. When picking out lighting for a room be sure to choose one with dimming capabilities so you can set the mood whatever the occasion. You can even spruce up an area with a beautiful statement chandelier like this Regina Andrew Gesso Ceiling Light Fixture from www.theshopbyhollyvolpe.com!

Bringing the Outdoors In

Greenery such as houseplants as well as floral arrangements and wreaths can bring a homey and cozy feel to any space. We love this Mother of Pearl Planters, Set of 2 from www.theshopbyhollyvolpe.com! These planters also have a warm tone to them which brings us to the next tip!

Add Warm Toned Colors

Too many cool toned colors in a room can make any space cold and unfriendly so make sure you have a good amount of warm tones to throw in the mix! This can be done with adding warm toned accents or even picking a warm toned paint color! Something you could use to cozy-up your home with a warm tone is this Hand-Woven Abaca & Seagrass Potted Plant Decor from www.theshopbyhollyvolpe.com.

Use Fabrics!

Fabrics are one of the easiest and most effective ways to warm up a home! Use a rug to cover the emptiness a bare hardwood or concrete floor can give, utilize throw pillows to give your couch some depth and swap out the bare windows for billowing curtains to give the room some extra warmth! We love the warmth this Surya Woven Contemporary Area Rug from www.theshopbyhollyvolpe.com gives to any space!

Pick Accessories That Speak To Your Style

The best way to bring a cozy feel to a home is to choose accessories that bring your personality into the space. You can do this with the layering technique that all interior designers use! Layer your accessories to create visual interest without adding clutter for example, take a metal decor piece like this Golden Palm Leaf Sculpture from www.theshopbyhollyvolpe.com and add it on top of a stack of books. Re-imagining your accessories that speak to your style and decor as distinct layers helps you display your favorite things and adds some personality as well as warmth to your space.