From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: 7 Ways Interior Designers Turn Dreams into Reality

  Embarking on a design journey can often feel overwhelming, like going on a journey without a map. But fear not, because interior designers are here to be your trusted guides, leading you through every twist and turn with expertise and grace. We’re the shortcut to your design destination, guiding you effortlessly through the intricate web of choices. We know … Read More

Your Design Journey Starts Here: Shop the Look Moodboards

Begin your design journey with our Design Inspirations, Home Decor & Interior Styling tips

  Creativity is like glitter – it’s everywhere and impossible to contain. When us designers catch inspiration and start sprinkling our sparkle, we need a way to lock that inspiration down, so our glitter doesn’t just end up scattered everywhere. That’s where mood boards come in. Think of them as the blueprint for turning ideas into beautiful reality. If you’re … Read More

Holly’s Ultimate Guide to a Cool and Comfy Summer Bedroom

Bedroom concept

As the temperature rises during the summer months, it’s essential to adjust your bedding to ensure a restful and refreshing night’s sleep. In my guide, I’ll explore various tips, techniques, and product recommendations to help you create the perfect summer bedding setup. From choosing breathable fabrics to optimizing your sleep environment, let’s dive into the world of summer bedding and … Read More

5 Tips On How To Decorate Small Spaces

Floor Space Is Everything Stick to the essentials being the most important thing taking up floor space in your small room. You can try floating pieces, like floating shelves and if you need extra storage you can add baskets underneath your floating end tables.    Shed Some Light On It Small spaces can easily seem dark, especially if there is … Read More

Three Quick and Easy Spring Updates For Home

  There is no better time to refresh your home than Spring. The warm weather brings a bright, new outlook in terms of design. It’s time to shed some layers, move things outdoors and take advantage of longer days. With social distancing, there’s never been a better time to make your own home a place that you enjoy spending time … Read More

5 Tips to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Spring is here – we made it! If you are anything like me, the last few weeks of Winter are spent counting down until the season changes. Long, warm days means extra sunlight and lots of opportunity for renewal. Given light of the current situation, there is no better time to make changes to your home to improve your everyday … Read More

Refresh, Renew, Redo Your Wallpaper

Does your home feel outdated? One reason could be the wallpaper that’s been up since the house was built. If you are feeling like it might be time to take it down, a fresh coat of paint in its place is always a safe choice especially in the long-run for selling purposes. Wallpaper, on the other hand, has definitely been … Read More

Are you a ‘fan’ of fans?

While air conditioners chill the air, fans are meant to circulate it which means they can be used for heating or cooling a space based on the season. In a bedroom, a ceiling fan is great to use for a comfortable sleep without needing to run the A.C. In outdoor spaces, a ceiling fan can create a tranquil retreat. However, … Read More

Refresh, Renew, Redo with Paint

Paint is the easiest and most cost-effective way to transform a space. Neutral colors for walls are always a timeless color palette and they are really easy to throw a pop of color with through accessories and art. Or if you want to be a little fun…these are some of the 2019 colors of the year! Still unsure? Don’t worry! We offer … Read More

Sneak Peak at my non-profit…

“Pockets of Peace” ~ is refreshing, renewing or redoing a “space” for individuals and/or families where they can rest, reflect, recharge and re-focus their lives. A “Pocket of Peace” is giving someone who needs a little “love” in their life a clearly designed “space.” My vision of lighting the darkness and giving “Pockets of Peace” will help to take the … Read More