“Five Laws of Stratospheric Success”

Those that know me personally will often hear me talk about the, “Laws of Attraction” which defined in a nutshell is, You get whatever you are focusing on whether its something you want or don’t want you will get more of it. I came across this article written by Bob Burg and wanted to share it with you because it … Read More

Staging Myth ……..

A popular staging myth is that home staging is simply decorating; staging for sale does require decorating abilities, a detailed eye, plus a whole different set of skills, knowledge, and abilities.  We must remember that when you are decorating or designing a space for living it revolves around the style, color and preferences of the person living in that space. … Read More

Five Principles of Design

In design there are five basic principles you should follow in developing your living or working space: Space – is the first element and most important.  You should think about how much do I have to work with? Lines – can have a huge effect on the overall feel of the room. Vertical lines add height and prestige. Horizontal lines … Read More

Hanging Art Tips

2/3 Rule When figuring out where to place art & mirrors it should be 2/3 the width of the item below it. Anchor Art to Furnishings Bottom edge 6″ above the sofa8″ above other furniture Hallways Standard art gallery height of picture or mirror is 54″ from floor to middle of the picture

The Right Hue for You

When it comes to picking paint colors for your home, there’s no right or wrong; it’s all about finding the right hue for you.  So don’t simply settle for those trendy tones or pick a color because you see it everywhere – find the shades that impress you and the atmosphere you are looking to create.  Whether you want a … Read More

Staged Homes Sell

Homes that look great sell faster at higher prices – Why? Because research shows that visitors form first impressions of a space within 90 seconds. In fact, as much as 60% of an impression can be based on color alone.  With 95% of buyers shopping on the internet, the PICTURES they see there are the first, and sometimes only, chance … Read More

“Color” Distribution Rule In A Room

Color Mapping – 60% of one predominant color (most likely will be the walls) 30% of another color (upholstery, drapes, bedding, etc.) 10% of an accent color (art, pillows, blankets, etc.) When transitioning from one room to another one of those colors should be carried into the next room to connect the space.  For example:  the 10% could be “Red” in … Read More

Tips for Pairing Patterns

1.  Rule of 3’s:  Select a minimum of three patterns, making sure that at least one pattern is half the size of the     remaining two.2.  Watch your tones:  Mixing in pieces that share similar wood tones brings balance to patterns, while      adding a modern sophistication to a sparwling space. This is especially true when the finishes are on the     darker … Read More

The Picasso Principle

During the later years of his life, Pablo Picasso used to frequent many street side cafes, where he would idly sketch passer-bys, seeking inspiration for his next great work.  One day a woman who excitedly recognized the great artist and approached him.  Taking advantage of the opportunity fate had bestowed upon her, she boldly asked the great master if he … Read More