10 Designer-Approved Christmas Decor Ideas

It’s never too early to deck the halls! And to make it even simpler, here are our top 10 interior designer-approved Christmas decoration ideas for 2021.

Garland Chandelier

Image via The Farm Chicks

Placing garland on your lighting fixture is an unexpected and sophisticated way to make a statement and give the room a floor-to-ceiling appeal. Just make sure you don’t put anything flammable next to anything hot! Once you proceed with caution, you’ll be sure to turn heads with this effortless holiday decor. To add sparkle use LED twinkle lights or candles to safely add that glow!

Coordinated Color Palette

Image via HGTV, Rennai Hoefer

Every Christmas movie we watch during the holiday season is picture-perfect. And the key to creating a magical Christmas story in your home is color coordination. It’s one of the most important considerations when decorating a room. To streamline your decorating process, you should commit yourself to a color palette, whether it’s white on white or a traditional red and green. And make sure any newly purchased holiday decor coordinates with your theme.

A Wreath in Every Window

Image via Brian Woodcock

Bring some Christmas spirit to every room in your home by hanging a wreath in every window. We love the idea of using a miniature wreath, so you can still peek out your kitchen window if you want to! You can use any simple wreath and hang it with some red ribbon for a pop of color. 

Take Advantage of Tiny Trees

Image via House & Home, Morgan Michener and Joel Bray

Whether you live in tight quarters or just want to add another tree to your home, a tabletop Christmas tree is the perfect option. Yes, it’s true; you don’t have to sacrifice seasonal style just because you live in a small home or apartment. There’s no shame in snagging a smaller tree and placing it on a side table. Even if you have space for a large tree and just want to add a miniature version in another room, this is a creative way to make every corner just as festive.

Stockings on a Ladder

Image via Apartment Therapy, Jane Johnson

If your home doesn’t have a mantel or you just want to switch things up this season, try draping your stockings over a ladder. We love this decor idea because you can easily move the ladder around the living room — put it near your gifts or wherever you’ll be snapping pictures this year.

Coordinate Metals

Image via Randi Garrett

Match metallics to the bathroom this Christmas. Add a gold or silver accessory tray and a miniature tree to instantly enchant a traditional white bathroom. If you love mixing metals, add a secondary metal with accent pieces like ornaments, tinsel, and candle holders.

A Grand First Impression 

Image via Elle Decor

Create a gorgeous grand entrance this season by framing your entry door with garland and matching icy pine decor. A well-appointed front door is a great way to bring the holiday spirit to your guests before they even step inside.

Gifts Double as Decor

Image via Better Homes & Gardens

Lining your staircase with wrapped gifts is a simple but chic way to decorate for Christmas. Use real presents meant for gifting or fake-it  (no one will ever know!). Plus, it’s a smart way to show off your gift-wrapping skills! Try dressing up your gifts with a big bow or natural greenery to give it the perfect finishing touch.

Festive Kitchen 

Image via Better Homes & Gardens

Many people don’t bother decorating their kitchen despite spending a lot of the holiday season in there. But the kitchen is the heart of your home, so you should make it feel festive. Just keep the decorations minimal and out of the way of cooking. Swap out your regular dishtowels with bright red ones and add some ornaments or holiday lights to your house plants. 

Candles Everywhere

Image via HGTV

Candles make even the most mundane days feel special, as the festive scents transport you into a Christmas wonderland. We love the infamous pine and gingerbread scented candles just like everyone else, but you should also consider lighting some unscented options. That way, you can light more than a few for ambiance without overwhelming your space.