5 Tips to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Spring is here – we made it! If you are anything like me, the last few weeks of Winter are spent counting down until the season changes. Long, warm days means extra sunlight and lots of opportunity for renewal. Given light of the current situation, there is no better time to make changes to your home to improve your everyday life than now. 

The changes don’t need to be drastic! Just small, simple things that you can do to refresh your home and heighten your mood throughout your space. Try these 5 simple steps that will give your home the Spring refresh it deserves!

1. Welcome visitors with an inviting front entrance


Nothing is more welcoming than an inviting front door – the statement you make on the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Opt for soothing blues and grays like Magnolia Farms Sir Drake, Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray or Behr’s Blueprint S470-5. Feeling a little adventurous? Try soft pastel colors like mint or yellow, to brighten up your space.

After all, your door is the first thing your guests see upon entry!

Magnolia's Sir Drake Exterior Paint

Magnolia’s Sir Drake Exterior Paint makes for a welcoming front door.


Behr's Blue Print S470-5 via Real Simple

Behr’s Blue Print S470-5 is just the right pop of color without being too bold. Image via Real Simple.


Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray

A welcoming door painted in Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray via Crazy Craft Lady


Bright Door via Southern Living / PHOTO: LAUREY W. GLENN

This bright door with yellow floral accents is perfect for Spring / PHOTO: LAUREY W. GLENN via Southern Living


Why not go one step further and accessorize the front door? Add a patterned doormat layered underneath your regular doormat.  Add a wreath incorporating Spring flowers & fruits or Easter accents. And don’t forget the greenery!

This Magnolia wreath available via Frontgate is the perfect accessory for Spring.


Try a farmhouse style vibe by layering antique shutters and vintage finds – image Via Home Ideas.


Nothing smells more like spring than a fresh wreath of lemons. Try this hand made one using artificial fruit that will last you all season. Available via Etsy


2. Pots + Planters


Take advantage of all the beautiful new Spring blooms and florals that arrive this season! Use pots and vases from local artisans to make things especially unique. If you can’t swing by the farmers market or a craft fair, try your local thrift shop. Otherwise Home Depot, Target or Lowes will do the trick! 

Try hanging plants in a woven basket in the bathroom as well as your back deck, and add small plants to your coffee or side table for an added touch of elegance. Into experimenting? Use clear apothecary vases and incorporate fruit into your arrangement. Don’t have a green thumb or are worried about your plants not getting enough sunlight? Mix in artificial plants in spots that may not be the most welcoming for your new green family members.

Vary the heights of your planters to keep your space interesting. Mix colors and styles, likes these pots and planters from Grandin Road


Experiment with fruit in clear vases to bring in more Spring elements to your home. Image via Hadley Court


Brushed gold and metallics help to elevate your space – like these ones available via West Elm.


Muted tones work well inside and out. Try these from West Elm.


3. Bring the Inside Out


As the weather warms up, it’s time to move your living area outside. Update your back deck with a simple refresh of small elements that will make it feel like new. It’s as easy as updating your cushions or adding a new weather resistant rug. Add lanterns throughout your yard or candles to side tables, and hang string lights across the space to give the area a bright feel. Try rearranging your outdoor furniture to see if another layout sparks more conversation. And of course – add planters and pots with seasonal blooms and greenery. On a budget? It’s as easy as spray painting the planters you already have around the house to give your outdoor living space a new look! 

Just a few things here and there will make you feel good about the space – a little goes a long way.


A welcoming outdoor space welcomes conversation – like this one from Better Homes & Gardens.


Sunny days are on the horizon! Create a space with pops of color to reflect the season – like this outdoor patio from Pier One.


For a more traditional look, patterns of blue + white and neutral tones work well for Spring. Image via Boho Style File.

4. Spring Clean Your Closets

Feel better about yourself and your personal space by cleaning out closets that have long been forgotten or are well overdue for some love. I like to start with my bedroom closet- even when working from home (like we are doing during this quarantine), there is nothing like getting up, getting dressed and feeling organized to get you motivated for the day ahead. Let your functional closet be your starting point for the day. Remember – you still have to get up and show up – and an efficient closet is going to help you have a more organized day. 

My first thought when cleaning my closet is that less is more – clean out, throw out, and put heavier garments meant for winter months in storage or move them to a less accessible space as the season changes. Use baskets for stray pieces like scarves or hats to help keep them in one place. 

Take an inventory – what are you missing? What do you need? What haven’t you worn the last few seasons? Get rid of the things that don’t appeal to you or don’t fit or are over worn or you need to replace. Once you are finished cleaning, your inventory can help you to understand your needs and help you to become a more savvy shopper in the future. And who knows – while you’re cleaning you might even come across a treasure that you forgot you even had!

Start with color coordination & separating types of garments (pants and tops). Image via walkinmysneakers.blogspot.com


Then add details like new hangers and closet accessories – image via littlemisspartyplanner.com


5. Use Extra Rooms Wisely


Ok – I know we are all guilty of this! Do you have rooms in your house that have become the designated “dumping space” for clutter and things that don’t have a home?  If you’ve created a dumping ground for your excess belongings, now’s the time to go through it. Create a space that is functional to you so that it serves a purpose in your life.  Turn it into a home office, or maybe use it as overflow for your closet. It can be anything – a storage room (just be sure to keep it organized!), a room for meditation, a reading nook, a craft room – an escape, just for you.

The smallest nook can become a home office. Go find yours. Image via Decor Pad


A relaxing reading room via Nina Marie Nash.


A “She” Room we are calling it these days. A craft haven for you to escape and to store all your DIY needs. Image via Homeketeers.


So simple to do with minimal investment… rug, floor pillows and candles. Let the yoga, meditation and reading begin! Image via Aufloria