Design Tips + Tricks: Accessorizing

Home accessories are like jewelry.  You can have your outfit all picked out and ready to go, but what really makes it unique and special are the small accents of you. The same goes for your home – no matter what furniture you have and how much thought you put into arranging a space, the accessories and little extras that you add truly make your house a home. It can also be an overwhelming part of design – with so much out there to choose from, where do you begin? Here are my tips & tricks for accessorizing your home.

Go With Your Heart

I love this quote by Kelly Hoppen – “Learn to look not just with your eyes but with your heart. Find the things that connect with you. How else will you know how to design your home?” While it applies to all aspects of your home, it really speaks to me in terms of accessorizing. The pieces you choose to accessorize with should be things you love. They’ll be a timeless addition to any space and if you love them, they will never go out of style.

Tell A Color Story

Look at the palette of your room – what colors can you see within your rug pattern or window treatments? Choose one or two, and go with that! Pick pieces that are the same shade or a few shades lighter or darker on the color wheel. 


Lighting is an extremely important part of accessorizing! The right lighting can completely change a room. Think about empty corners that could use a floor lamp, or add table lamps to side and end tables and consoles. Table lamps also help to anchor a cluster of accessories and add varying heights. Have a set of shelves? Try adding a small lamp amongst your books and other trinkets to really make an impact.

Create Depth

Use items of varying sizes and heights to create layers on mantels or consoles. For example, place two tall candlesticks on one side of the mantel, then a stack of books and a candle on the other. Why not try a painting leaning against the wall in between? Adding layers of accessories to your furniture creates an interesting visual eye line for your guests.

Consoles & Benches

Have an empty spot that you just don’t know how to fill? A narrow console, bench or side table is the perfect way to make a room feel more complete. Finish it off by placing a basket and a blanket next to it, or stack some books that you love.

Group Accessories Together

Love a particular kind of accessory, like vases for example? Gather a group of them and place them together, as opposed to scattering them all around the room. Vary their size so that it’s not repetitive. 


Just like when you were furnishing your home, choosing varying textures in accessories also plays a large role in creating a dynamic visual scene. Consider natural textures like rattan or wicker, like baskets – they can be added to most spaces on the floor or as a wall feature! Throws and pillows are also a fabulous way to add additional texture to your space, too.


Don’t use pieces that are too big or too small when choosing your accessories! You don’t want large, awkward pieces overpowering your space. At the same time, picking pieces that are too small can make things look especially out of proportion. 

Take your time

Finishing your accessories won’t happen overnight!  You’ll learn over time that some pieces work and others don’t.  Collect and gather unique pieces over time that you will never want to let go of – that way, everything in your home will tell a story. Why not try your hand at thrifting? That way, your pieces are one of a kind and a great conversation starter.