Designs Perfect from Coast to Coast

You don’t need to live by a beach to design your home inspired by the ocean. However, that also doesn’t mean you need to put palm trees and seashells in your room. We have put together some examples of what we would do for a coastal inspired look!

This living room get the look has the blues and sandy beiges you might think of when you hear nautical design. Stripes are also a very common pattern used in beachy looks so we threw that in for an accent fabric to be used on pillows. To us this doesn’t scream the ocean because of the subdued blue tones and floral patterns, but still gives that relaxing and calming atmosphere people enjoy about having a beach look.

We took a different approach with these two different bedroom designs. Instead of being inspired by the ocean, we were inspired by the tropics. The first bedroom has blue-greens with floral patterns that are more related to all the plants you see on island vacations. On the other hand, the second bedroom is inspired by all the bright, fun colors popular in the summer months. Both are very different takes on a bedroom design, but still bring the island home with you giving you a relaxing getaway every day of the year.