Top 10 Furniture Buying Mistakes

You might have wondered at some point about what you could do to make sure you purchase the right kind of furniture pieces for you and your home, but what about the buying mistakes you should try to avoid? Throughout a designer’s career they see these mistakes made over and over again by clients qualifying them for this top 10 list. The good news is that these potentially costly furniture mistakes are entirely preventable if you do a little preparation ahead of time!

Don’t neglect to measure the room ahead of buying to see if your new furniture will fit. You will be amazed at the number of furniture purchases to never make it into a home because the buyer neglected to measure the furniture or forgot to take into account hallways, doors, elevators and stairs (and paying the restocking fee is money wasted).

A sofa that looks just right in the store might look too big in your room or not big enough. It is hard to judge when you’re looking at a picture or seeing it in a showroom. Also measure to make sure that your new piece matches the scale of the rest of the space. Designer’s try to prevent this all the time through the use of space planning.

Test before you buy
When buying a sofa, recliner, or chair you should always test it and judge for quality. What if that very stylish sofa turns out to be so uncomfortable that you never want to sit in it? Your furniture should always make life more comfortable as well as easier. Try out your sofa in the store to decide if you actually would use it at home, and yes, that means lying down on it as well! If you are buying furniture online, go to the store and try it out first. It is also important to open and close drawers and doors on casegoods to make sure they function properly.

Buying on impulse
Impulse buying is one of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping for furniture. Sometimes the price seems irresistible, other times the piece looks just too good to pass up, or you might be in a hurry to make your place look good in time for the impending arrival of guests. Resist the impulse to make a hasty decision, it isn’t worth it in the long run if you regret your decision!

Asking too many opinions
When you consult too many people you might make it harder to narrow down your choices. Never take along an entourage when shopping for furniture. Not only does it drive the salespeople crazy, but you also don’t benefit from five different people offering widely different views. If you don’t want to go alone, go with your significant other, or just one other person whose judgement you trust.

Not asking for help
The salesperson are there to help you and they might be able to offer advice and suggestions which ultimately help you make a better buying decision. While the ultimate buying decision will be yours…by not consulting them you might not even get a good idea of all the options you have. Incidentally, it is a better idea to go shopping on a weekday since weekends tend to be busy and distracting when you need a salesperson’s undivided attention.

Paying too much
When buying furniture, there are plenty of ways for you to save. For instance, you always have the choice of waiting for special sales. However, you can also inquire if the store would offer any special discounts, especially if you are buying several pieces. Avoid buy now,  pay later financing plans as you can end up paying super high interest rates if you can’t pay it all in a lump sum.

Not paying enough attention to color
A color that doesn’t look very overpowering in the showroom could do so in your home. You should always bring home a color swatch or pillow to see how it would look in your own home. Additionally, when buying online be aware that the color on the screen looks different on a real sofa. Request a fabric swatch as many companies will provide one when asked.

Paying too much attention to fads
It is best to buy a piece of furniture that you will feel comfortable with for years to come. The goes for color as well as style. Fads come and go very quickly so look beyond a few months of excitement. Instead buy furniture that truly appeals to you and will look good years to come. If you want to be trendy, opt for many easily replaceable items like throw pillows, blankets and other accessory items.

Ignoring who will be using your furniture
Before you buy furniture, make sure that you know how it will be used and who will be using it. If you forget to factor in small children, pets and snacking while watching TV, you could be heading for disaster! Your fabulous cream colored sofa will be no match for grubby hands or muddy paws. An absolutely gorgeous coffee table with a delicate finish will not last long when you have people putting their feet on it.