Transtional Children’s Bedrooms

Children need a sanctuary to retreat to at the end of their busy days as well! By keeping the paint, wallpaper, fabrics, and bedding very transitional, they’ll be able to grow with your child all the way from toddler to teenager to adult with minimal changes that will need to be made from year to year.
Suggestion for a Boy’s Room:
The navy, beiges, and tans in this color palette are neutral enough to easily work for all ages. In addition, the patterns on the fabric and wallpaper are simple as well as sophisticated making it possible for you to keep it throughout the many stages of your child’s life.
From crib for your newborn to a toddler’s bed to a full size bed. This convertible crib is a smart money saving option so you do not have to buy a new bed every time your child outgrows it!
It’s what you accessorize with that makes it age appropriate. Here’s some suggestions for redesigning as your little boy grows:
Suggestion for a Girl’s Room:

The floral fabric we picked out has a sophisticated feel and the wallpaper we paired it with is super feminine, but can go from baby to young adult very easily because of the classic nature of the pattern.
We love the idea of a simple white crib with pinks and beiges. This crib can also be transformed into a toddler’s bed as well as a full size!

And lastly, here’s some suggestions for redesigning your little girl’s room to be more age appropriate as they get older:

Redoing a child’s bedroom can be an investment, but it will last for many years if you choose the right fabrics, color palettes, and furniture pieces to grow with your child.